Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Staring at the display

After adding a conversion library and porting the LCD library from c18lib project, and adjusting the microseconds delay, I have a functional example. When you set the pins as outputs on the STM32CubeMX graphic configurator, you must rename them as follows: LCD_D7, LCD_D6, LCD_D5, LCD_D4, LCD_E, LCD_RS. Otherwise, the library will set her own default configuration.

Yep, I used this board for her peripherals. On board, the peripherals are connected only to power lines. with available connectors for arbitrary connections - be it on board, or external. The board was powered at 5Vcc from the Nucleo board. The default configuration and connection to the Arduino socket is as follows:

LCD_D7 to Arduino D7
LCD_D6 to Arduino D6
LCD_D5 to Arduino D5
LCD_D4 to Arduino D4
LCD_E to Arduino D3
LCD_RS to Arduino D2

Note: all the pins from the default configuration are 5V tolerant (not that it really matter as are set as outputs). The LCD was powered at 5Vcc.

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