Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The wire has fever!

Yep! The onewire and DS18B20 libraries are ready. Built on top of the HAL layer, I was afraid that the timing won't be right... my tiredness added to that and I didn't observed that the bus is connected to a wrong wire on Nucleo board, making me to do some major changes in the source.

So, once I solved the issues, I added two projects as examples:

1. OW03_DS18B20_temp

This works with a single temperature sensor on bus, showing the temperature and the ID number on a 16x2 LCD. Is a good way to label your sensors, as I don't provide a search function and you need the IDs for the second example.

The LCD mockup looks like this:
It shows the temperature on the first row, and on the second, the unique serial number of the sensor in hexadecimals - you need to know the ID of your sensors for the following example. The second row is also used to display the error messages.

2. OW06_DS18B20_temp_multiple

The second example uses the same hardware but adds one more sensor on the bus (after I used it in the first example to find out its ID).

And the LCD mockup:
On the first row, the temperature from the two sensors are displayed as A and B and on the second the error messages are displayed, indicating exactly which sensor have problems.


As you see, images are now full color as the world is no more in gray state... I mean, I'm progressing with the STM32 microcontroller.

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