Saturday, May 27, 2017

Your map may be old and you'll get lost

The actual version of the HAL drivers in OpenSTM32 IDE for my board is 1.6.0 and the last official ST version is 1.7.0. So, I thought I may update it myself, how hard may be that (I had to do it anyway, as I did the upgrade also for STM32CubeMX)? And I did it, replacing the HAL drivers as there are no files extra or less - direct replacement for every header and source file. Easy.

But I got errors at compilation so I went to the ST community to ask questions. The suggestion was to include a specific device file. A device file that was already included. The error showed that there a definition was missing... So I compared the device files between the versions to find out that there some definitions were changed in name.

Then the conclusion was obvious: is not enough to replace the HAL drivers by hand, you have to do it also for the CMSIS drivers (where the device files are stored). It seems that ST suffers from the same symptoms as Microchip...

See the discussion here.

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